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Workers’ compensation insurance companies aim to limit liability whenever possible. Following an accident, a representative of the insurer may work to determine whether you truly require all of the medical treatment you are receiving or whether it is actually necessary for you to miss work while you recover. For this reason, anyone who has sustained an on the job injury or illness should carefully consider their actions while they are receiving workers’ compensation benefits.1 

Investigators may be watching you

An insurer may hire an investigator to watch and even record your actions following your injury. If an investigator sees you playing sports, being active with your family, going to the gym, moving heavy items, or any similar activities, they may use this as evidence to significantly reduce or even cancel your benefits. This can mean you must return to work too soon or that you will be responsible for your own medical expenses. 

Stay off social media

Social media has become a useful tool for both employers and investigators for insurance companies to monitor the behavior of employees claiming injury. For example, if you are missing work and you post photos of a recent camping trip on Facebook or similar social media sites, it may diminish the strength of your local injury claim. Because items you post may be misinterpreted, you should avoid posting on social media during your recovery. Additionally, do not allow friends to “tag” you in photos or check-ins to parties or other events that may insinuate that you are actually in good enough health to return to work. 

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