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While some South Carolina workers’ compensation cases are relatively simple, others may involve many complications and may require the assistance of various experts to ensure you receive the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled under South Carolina law.1 The following are a few examples of experts who regularly assist injured workers.

Medical professionals

Medical professionals play an important role in every workers’ compensation case. First, a doctor’s diagnosis will not only prove that you do, in fact, have an injury or illness, but can also connect your injury or illness to your job duties. They can help demonstrate that your injury was not a preexisting condition and that you thus are entitled to benefits under the law. In addition, if your injury is serious and/or disabling, a medical expert can present their analysis and opinion regarding the future costs of treatment and your overall prognosis.

Occupational experts

If you believe you are unable to work because of your on the job injury and your employer disagrees, an occupational expert can analyze your abilities and limitations and give their opinion regarding your professional abilities and the types of jobs you may or may not be able to perform with your injuries.

Economic experts

If you sustained a permanent disability that will keep you from ever working or that will limit the types of jobs you may perform, an economic expert can be valuable in helping to negotiate a settlement or future benefit amounts. Determining future lost wages, benefits, retirement income, and future lost earning power can involve many different calculations and considerations. This calculation can include estimations of the future job market, the state of the economy, wage laws, the cost of living in Charleston, and more, and an economic expert will be familiar with this type of formula.

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